Peter (pmb) wrote,

Chocolate Tast-test Results

There were four chocolates in the mix - one in chip form, and three others in chopped bar form. The chocolates were A) Dagoba Eclipse (87%), B) fancy schmancy Pralus, C) Callebaut chocolate chips, and D) Endangered Species Butterflies

The votes, transcribed exactly as people wrote them, went as follows:

(A) Dagoba Eclipse - 5 votes
Kevin, Laurel, Erin, Zach, Yoko

(B) Pralus - 9 votes
Darren, Julian, Nathan, Monica, Na☆ (?), B-Dizzle (?), Mark, Kevin T, Pleir (?)

(C) Callebaut chocolate chips - 5 votes
Andy, Amy, Melinda Mary, Shelby, Seager

(D) Endangered Species Butterflies - 2 votes
Marissa, John

From this we can conclude that the expensive stuff may actually be better, but all chocolate is loved by someone. And the people who like Pralus chocolate are both numerous and have very poor handwriting. The disqualified vote was Chris who wrote that he liked the chocolate covered espresso beans best of all, despite them not being eligible in the contest, as indicated by their complete lack of a single-letter name.

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